Student suffers major X-rated fashion fail after buying this £28 dress

Sharing a video and photos on Twitter, Jodie Howard was gobsmacked when she received her yellow garment.

The 18-year-old, from Dublin, regularly shops online but claims this was the first time it went completely wrong.

She showed a photo of the model wearing the long-sleeved, neon bandage dress, and then shared a picture of herself.

In the snap, Jodie can be seen posing in the garment with her knickers fully exposed.

“I was excited when it came but was a bit shocked”

Jodie Howard

Speaking to Dublin Live, the health and fitness student said: “It came up as an ad on Instagram and I clicked on to the page and went from there.

“I was excited when it came but was a bit shocked when I seen the size of the package.

“What came out was even worse. I found it quite funny and it was a bit difficult to get on as it was so small.”

In the clip, Jodie is seen laughing hysterically as she reveals that the package that arrived was roughly the size of a letter.

She added: “My mum and I had a laugh trying to get it on and found it hilarious when I finally got it on as it was completely see through.”

Despite the lack of material, Jodie revealed she paid about £28 for the revealing dress from Lux Noire, which included shipping.

The tweet secured more than 5,000 retweets and 35,000 likes when it was shared yesterday.

One person wrote: “Wetting.”

Another added: “I was laughing before she even showed it.”

A third joked: “Great for preventing mosquito bites.”

While a fourth commented: “That’s so funny, but I’d be fuming. My hard earned money for a leg warmer.”

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