Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele says Kanye-Trump Meeting Was Rude, Weird

Ex-RNC Chairman Michael Steele has fully digested Kanye West‘s White House lunch meeting with President Trump … and he’s ready to puke.

We got Michael leaving the London Hotel in NYC Thursday and, naturally, had to ask him about what went down in the Oval. ICYMI (seriously, how?) … Kanye dropped an MF-bomb, went off about abolishing the 13th Amendment and told 45 wearing the MAGA hat makes him feel like Superman. 

Michael’s take was well … written all over his face. You gotta see his reaction when we asked if meeting Ye will boost Trump’s poll numbers with black voters … as the Prez claims it will.

Aside from what Kanye said, Michael also had strong words about what Ye did while seated across from the President. He’s balanced, though, because he threw a jab Trump’s way too.

It’s one of his favorite pastimes, after all.

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