Jennifer Aniston Hugged Brad Pitt At Her 50th Birthday Party, Says Eyewitness

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt shared a brief hug after he arrived at her 50th birthday party celebration, according to a report! Here’s what one eyewitness saw!

There has been a flurry of interest in Jennifer Aniston‘s birthday party after news broke that Brad Pitt attended after pictures surfaced showing him arriving in a black Escalade, and according to a new report, Jen and her ex-husband Brad shared a hug after he made his shocking arrival. “Jen spoke to Brad briefly. At one point she hugged him and thanked him for coming,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly. While Brad was given an invite, it’s worth noting that Justin Theroux was not seen in attendance.

While the two exes hugged it out, friends of Jen’s were a little surprised to see him, but they weren’t completely flabbergasted that he was there. “Friends were a bit surprised but not shocked to see Brad there, but Jen has been open and honest in the fact that they have spoken here and there since Jen’s breakup with Justin,” a source close to Jen told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “They’re friendly and they’re on fine terms which is why nobody was totally shocked, but they knew the press and everyone would talk about it. They’re not necessarily close, but more friendly.”

Meanwhile, after they hugged, they chatted for a bit, but not too long. “They talked for just a little bit at her party,” a source close to both Brad and Jen told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It was very cordial, very nice. Everyone is in a good place with each other, but it wasn’t like they were hanging out all night or anything like that. It was seen as a really nice gesture by her for him being there and something that she really appreciated. The basis of their night together was that they are in a completely good place and had a very nice conversation, exchanging pleasantries with each other. It was nice that they could both be so mature and natural around each other.”

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