Kourtney Kardashian Wears See-Through Top On Sexy Date With Luka Sabbat — New Pic

Is Luka Sabbat the luckiest man in the world? Kourtney Kardashian sizzled on their latest date night, wearing a totally sheer top and a huge smile. See pics of her hot outfit here!

The woman knows what she likes! Just a few days after wearing an incredible sexy, sheer top, Kourtney Kardashian, 39, was back at it again for a night on the town with boyfriend Luka Sabbat, 20. Kourt and Luka were all smiles as they left the Off-White gallery in Beverly Hills on October 10, where she wore a totally chic and flirty outfit. Kourtney paired a pair of wide-leg snakeskin pants with a completely sheer tank top that revealed her bra and toned abs when the camera flashed. Scandalous!

How does she manage to make a tank top that shows off her bra straps look fancy? The woman is blessed! Kourtney’s all about sheer tops, as we recently determined. If you scroll through this gallery, you can see SEVEN times she rocked the style in just the past few months! She’s all about it, whether she’s grabbing smoothies and grocery shopping, partying with friends, or even hitting a red carpet. She can get it!

We’re sure Luka appreciates how comfortable his girlfriend is with this style, too. One person who probably isn’t too jazzed? Her ex, Scott Disick. LD is happy as a clam in his relationship with Sofia Richie, 19, but he can’t help be a little jealous every time he sees Kourt looking like a dime. Scott, as a Kardashian insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, is a little peeved seeing her and Luka together, too. “He used to call her a cougar,” the insider told us, “but now he’s taken it up a notch. He says he just busting her balls because it’s funny to him but it’s obvious this has gotten under his skin.” Sorry, dude!

Kourtney’s sheer top game is always improving. We can’t wait to see what she wears on her next date with Luka — that will totally leave Scott seething.

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