Create Your Halloween Costume For This Year By Combining ‘Sexy’ With Your Greatest Fear

As Halloween approaches, the march of the ‘sexy’ costumes begins with this viral tweet.

October is always a fun time of year with Halloween coming up. Already, people are working on their costumes in order to compliment their Halloween festivities. However, a new costume idea creator that has gone viral on Twitter now allows you to merge the word “sexy” with your greatest fear in order to create the perfect Halloween costume for you this year.

Every year at Halloween, there is always an influx of sexy Halloween costumes, including some that could be seen as downright ridiculous. While there are your standard sexy occupation costumes mixed in with animal costumes, there are also some arguably weird combinations that probably should never be combined.

Ladylike posted a video last year that saw some strange items that were deemed “sexy” when it came to Halloween costumes, including one that depicted “sexy pizza.”

BuzzFeed also has a list of Halloween costumes that they deem should never exist. In the video, viewers are introduced to the likes of sexy Bert and Ernie costumes, the sexy hamburger, and a baby costume, among others that are based on typically unsexy items and characters.

However, a report from Fox News suggests that a viral Twitter post has upped the ante for classic sexy Halloween costumes. The premise is simple: take the word “sexy” and add your greatest fear to it in order to create this year’s Halloween costume.

The original tweet was posted by Summer Ray on October 10.

Of course, there are a lot of phobias out there that could inspire your Halloween costume. A sexy spider is one of them. Many people also fear black cats or snakes. All of these could be easily made into a sexier version of your phobia for Halloween this year.

After the original post, things escalated quickly. And, as Ray said in a later tweet, “it looks like a lot of us need therapy.”

“Sexy crippling student debt,” Phoebe tweeted in reply to the original post.

“Sexy meaningless existence?” Girp123 asked.

Some fears were also quite a mouthful, as well as an indication of a need for therapy.

“Sexy all my friends are only friends with me as part of an elaborate practical joke,” That Darn Mudkip quipped.

“I’m going as a Sexy Viral Tweet With A Typo In It,” Casey Newton announced.

These are just a few of the thousands of replies to Summer Ray’s post. And it looks like a lot of them could be ideas for someone’s Halloween costume this year.

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