I went to a school reunion and had an affair with a married ex-lover

I am 33 and divorced. He is two years older than me and married with a daughter.

We have been seeing one another since that chance meeting and have a wonderful sex life.

He says he feels we have met at the right time in our lives and is planning for us to have a child together.

When I am pregnant, our future plans will materialise.

He says we are made for one another. That is lovely to hear but he is still with his wife and daughter.

I’m scared to question him about this as I don’t want to lose him.

DEIDRE SAYS: You must make sure you don’t get pregnant – not yet, at least – unless you are happy to potentially end up as a single parent.

If he is serious about being with you, he will sort out his marriage first.

When he has done that, the two of you can start planning a future.

Give all this a time limit. If nothing is resolved by then, walk away.

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