Loose Women ask: ‘Would you let your 7-year-old have a facial?’

Would YOU take a seven-year-old for a facial? Loose Women defend Victoria Beckham after she treated Harper to a pampering session – but viewers are divided

  • Victoria Beckham took Harper, seven, to have a ‘baby facial’ at the weekend 
  • Presenter Denise Welch believed it was just a bit of girly time for the pair
  • Andrea McLean admitted she held daughter’s 11th birthday party at a local salon

Loose Women caused quite a stir on social media today after raising the question: ‘Is it OK for a seven-year-old to get a facial?’  

The debate initiated from Victoria Beckham, who was slammed at the weekend for taking her seven-year-old daughter Harper to have a ‘baby facial’ – which is presumably tailored to young children.   

Revealing that 55 percent of their viewers thought it was wrong, presenter Denise Welch expressed strong views on the topic.  

‘She’s clearly a busy working mum with four children and I think it was a little bit of girly time which I bet Harper absolutely loved,’ explained Denise, speaking in Victoria defense. 

‘They probably put a few bits of cream on her and I bet Harper felt really special having a lovely day with her mum.’ 

And the response was quite mixed on Twitter too. While one viewer argued, ‘let kids be kids,’ another penned: ‘I love taking my daughter to have a facial, maxing bonding time that I wish I’d done with my mum before she passed away.’

While 55 percent of Loose Women viewers said it was wrong for Harper to be having a facial at the age of eleven, not everybody agreed – including Denise Welch

Viewers took to Twitter to express their mixed opinions on the debate, with one claiming she was 11 when she first got her eyebrows waxed

Dancing on Ice star Saira Khan went on to explain how pamper sessions aren’t just available for the rich and famous, but are for all children. 

‘Some salons are offering manicures and pedicures – and there’s a salon called Little ladies for up to 12-year-olds who can get their eyebrows, underarms and leg waxing done,’ she said earlier on today’s show. 

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And after revealing that her daughter Amy celebrated her 11th birthday at a local salon where she and her friends all got a glittery polish, Andrea McLean was inundated with messages of support.

‘A 7 year old getting a facial to me is good,’ wrote one viewer. ‘A mother’s spending time with her children. Better than ignoring her child or sitting her in front of a TV or similar. The products used would probably not harm her. Making memories.’

Denise spoke out in Victoria’s defense earlier today, saying it was probably just a bit of cream and it made Harper feel ‘special’ 

Andrea revealed that her daughter Amy went to a local salon with her friends for her eleventh birthday and they all got a glittery polish which they ‘loved’

Another penned: ‘My sister takes my seven-year-old niece to get her nails done. She loves it! Nothing wrong with a little pamper at any age in my opinion,’ while another added: ‘I love taking my daughter to have a facial, maxing bonding time that I wish I’d have done with my mum before she passed away.’ 

Meanwhile, someone else pointed out that this shouldn’t even be an issue considering some people take their children to the pub.

‘People don’t seem to have a problem with taking their kids to the pub! Funny that isn’t it! But there’s something wrong with a pamper.’

The majority of Twitter users spoke out in support of Victoria Beckham, with one writing ‘the products will be baby like and so won’t harm their skin’

However, Coleen Nolan pointed out the fact that these salons are open to people up to ’12 years old’ – so the children having treatments could be even younger.

While most were in support of a pampering session, a handful of viewers took to express their concerns – and even highlighted the fact that Harper isn’t a ‘normal’ seven-year-old due to her celebrity parents. 

‘Let kids be kids,’ wrote on disgruntled viewer, while another said: ‘Why can’t you have girly time playing on the floor with Lego, Playmobil or Sylvanian families.’  

‘Well done Coleen, hit the nail on the head there,’ added another. 

A few people took to Twitter to say that children should be left to their own devices, rather than turning to pampering

But there was one part of the conversation where everyone seemed to be in agreement – and that was when it came to a child’s happiness. 

‘Some kids reach puberty earlier, so if the child is unhappy then it is something you should address, but not for the sake of it,’ said Denise, with Coleen agreeing: 

‘If they’re getting bullied at school because they’ve got bushy eyebrows I can kind of get that.’

And one viewer had experienced that exact scenario herself – and made her point known.  

‘I was 11 when I first got my eyebrows waxed,’ she wrote. ‘I had the worst mono brow and it made me more confident.’  

Many viewers admitted that just like Angela, they often take their children to the local salon for a pampering session as it’s a great bit of bonding time 





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