Photographer shares shots of cats as seen from below in viral project

Feline fancy! Photographer, 26, takes bizarre pictures of cats from below at an animal show in Lithuania for a new viral project

  • Andrius Burba, 26, is best known for photographing animals from underneath
  • Lithuania-based photographer has released images of cats in a new project
  • Andrius has previously snapped bizarre shots of horses and dogs from beneath
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A photographer best known for capturing animals in bizarre poses has released a new collection of cat photos.

Andrius Burba, 26, from Lithuania, photographed a group of felines from below at a cat show in Kaunas for a comical project entitled ‘Under-Cats’. 

The creative collection of images was achieved by positioning the animals on a glass table against a colourful backdrop. 

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Andrius Burba, 26, from Lithuania shares a series of cute and bizarre photos of cats as taken from underneath in new project ‘Under-Cats’

The animal photographer spent hours positioning a variety of different breeds on a glass table while at a cat show in Kaunas for the project 

Andrius began his feline project four years ago while also collating images of different dog breeds as seen from below 

Capturing the various personalities of different breeds, the images show the cats smiling, yawning and even trying to lick the camera lens.

Andrius, whose previous projects have included working with horses and dogs, spent hours choosing the perfect poses for the cats as they stood on 6mm-thick glass.

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The photographer, whose work was inspired by a ‘ridiculous’ cat photo on the internet, said:’ This method of photographing animals always surprises with funny and cute results, which cannot be made any way other than taking the photos from underneath.

‘I have a portable studio, which means that I can photograph anywhere, so the first thing that I do is build my studio.

The 26-year-old used a portable photography studio to achieve his creative shots along with a glass table and coloured backdrop

Andrius played with the cats to encourage them to look down for intimate images that capture their true personality

The photographer uses a computer to see the shots while the camera is positioned on the floor surrounded by lighting 

‘I use a glass table, put the background up, prepare the lightning and put the camera on the ground, underneath the glass table, but connected to a computer so I can see the shots.

‘I play with the cats, pet them and try to trick them into looking down.

‘Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the final shots still look great in their own way.

 Andrius had the choice of 3,840 photographs of cats in a selection of bizarre poses to choose from for his project 

The photographer says he tries to take as many images with playful cats as possible before they lose interest 

Andrius tries to give shy cats time to adjust to what’s happening and pet them to encourage them to be more playful for the camera

He revealed in some instances it can be challenging trying to convince a moggy to focus on either a toy or treat

‘I like to look at the shapes and weird poses that the animal can create on the glass.’

The photographer, who has gained over 14,000 followers on Instagram from sharing his work, chose from a total of 3,840 photographs before releasing his project. 

He continued: ‘Some cats are easy to play around with and get interesting poses from, and others don’t care about my photography and it is difficult to make them focus on a toy or treat.

The photographer has gained over 14,000 followers on Instagram for his range of creative animal snaps including horses and dogs

Andrius revealed he was inspired to start taking photos of cats from underneath after seeing a cat photographed sitting on a glass table from below on the internet

He says his aim was to take the idea up a notch by photographing the animals professionally on a high res camera that shows the pets paws

‘My job with the playful ones is to get as many poses as I can before they lose their interest and with shy cats I give them more time to adjust, pet them and hope they will feel more playful soon so that I could get a wider variety of shots.

‘For me, every photoshoot I do has one purpose – to see how the animals look from underneath.

‘I love how interesting the results always turn out to be.’

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The 26-year-old who sells his work on merchandise including notebooks and even clothes, revealed he loves the unexpected ways that the projects can turn out 

Andrius had his previous project which features cats from underneath against a black backdrop published in a book entitled ‘Unter-Katzen’ by German publisher ‘Riva’

Among the captivating series of photos is a white-furred cat with two different coloured eyes mesmerizingly starring into the distance

Another image shows a stunning stripped cat gazing directly into the camera lens in  deep concentration 

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