Watch Zoo Animals Smash, Squash and Snack on Pumpkins to Celebrate Halloween

Smashing Pumpkins is at the Detroit Zoo.

Sorry Michigan music fans, we aren’t talking about the ’90s alt rock group; Smashing Pumpkins is what the Detroit Zoo calls its annual Autumn enrichment activity.

On Wednesday, many of the gourd-loving residents at the zoo were treated to pumpkin piñatas of sorts. Animals like penguins, bears, chimps and giraffes were given pumpkins stuffed with their favorite treats.

After giving the pumpkins to the animals, the zoo staff left it up to the creatures on how to break into the gifts.

Bears opted for a smush, the penguins a peck and the chimps just pawed them apart and then ate the pumpkins piece by piece.

Visitors to the zoo got to watch this pumpkin carnage firsthand. For those who missed this Smashing Pumpkins event, don’t worry: the zoo is passing out another round of pumpkins on Oct. 20.

The zoo gives these seasonal treats to the animals as a way to provide them with a complex, enriching and ever-changing environment.

The pumpkins and other autumnal treats — like corn stalks and gourds — are from local Michigan farms. The Detroit Zoo puts out these food surprises year round, picking whatever is seasonally appropriate.


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