Fuming Hearn brands Miller 'most extensive case of cheating in sport ever' after triple drug test fail

EDDIE HEARN has branded Jarrell Miller’s triple failed drug tests as boxing's worst ever drug cheat scandal.

Miller, 30, was set for a life-changing world title fight against WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight king Anthony Joshua at New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 1.

However, this week it was revealed the New Yorker failed THREE Voluntary Anti Doping Agency tests – leaving Joshua & Co scrambling for a replacement.

Miller last night admitted he “messed up” after the third failed test was revealed to the world – but AJ’s promoter Hearn told IFL TV he was “absolutely disgusted”.

Hearn said: "I’ll be honest with you, it is f***ing unbelievable. What he has done is absolutely disgusting.

“Do you know what is the absolute liberty about all this is the way that he after he failed that test on Monday, text me to say: ‘I swear I’ve not taken anything, this is sabotage, this is just the system against me’.

I am absolutely disgusted. This is probably the most extensive case of cheating in this sport we have ever seen.

“It makes me sick that someone would go to those lengths in a fight people have died in the ring it’s not just an edge of a little something, this is the whole hog, who knows what could’ve happened.

“Anthony Joshua could’ve been injured in the ring that night, something even worse.

"All because the man weren’t big enough, weren’t brave enough to do it right, to do it as a sport, he had to cheat, he had to try and cheat the system.

“You must’ve been so afraid of Anthony Joshua to try and get this edge and I am absolutely disgusted.

“This is probably the most extensive case of cheating in this sport we have ever seen.

“I spoke to AJ last night and he said: ‘Can you imagine I would just be pummelling him and he would’ve just kept coming forward.’

“Yeah that’s what would’ve happened, with this amount of s*** in your body.”

Former kickboxer Miller, who in 2014 was suspended from the sport when he tested positive for methylhexaneamine, is now shamed with one of the worst cases of doping in boxing history. 

On Wednesday it was revealed Miller failed a VADA test for the banned substance GW1516 – a “muscle growth”.

Just a day later and again Vada informed promoter Hearn of a failed test, this time for Human Growth Hormone.

The nail in the coffin arrived as Miller tested positive for EPO – a banned substance most commonly known as the choice of drug Lance Armstrong famously used.

EPO increases oxygen absorption, improve endurance and reduce fatigue by increasing the rate of red cell production – something that would make a 315lb Miller a very, very, dangerous fighter.

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