Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Looking To Move Team To London, Playing All Home Games In Wembley Stadium

With more games being played in London each season, it seems they may finally have their own team.

Each year, the NFL has a number of regular season games played in London for the fans who love the game of professional American football. In the month of October, three games will be played in London with one being played in Mexico City in November, and thus making the NFL more of a global product. Now, it appears as if the appeal is really building up in London and there is talk of the Jacksonville Jaguars calling Wembley Stadium their home.

While the team would still be based in Jacksonville, the Jaguars would play all of their home games (eight of them) in London. Khan could run into some tax issues if he were to try and make this move, but that’s something he’s already looking into.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, there is the real possibility that Jaguars owner Shad Khan will move his team there for all home games. His team of advisors is currently looking into how to limit the taxes he will pay in the United Kingdom when the Jags play in Wembley Stadium.

While rectifying this problem could help Khan move the Jags, it could cause issues with future free agency periods. As detailed by Pro Football Talk, free agents would be subject to the higher taxes on high salaries in the UK and that may make them think twice about signing.

Oddly enough, the Jaguars make more money for the games they play at Wembley Stadium in London than those they do in Jacksonville. Pro Football Talk reported that it wouldn’t make a ton of sense, though, to play all eight home games each year in London.

It would be feasible to split the home games between London and Jacksonville with four being played in each. This would help Khan bring in more revenue and also keep him from angering the Florida fanbase by having at least some games still played there.

Jacksonville is already scheduled to play at least one of their “home” games in London each season for a number of years to come. It wouldn’t be out of the question for them to play two or even three more there each season if it works out for the team and owner.

Shad Khan is closing in on the purchase of Wembley Stadium and it only makes sense that he would want his NFL team to play there more often. The Jacksonville Jaguars already regularly play one home game each season in London, and a couple more wouldn’t really hurt anyone. While the idea of a full-time NFL team playing in London may be a bit of a stretch, it’s not out of the question for one to do it part-time.

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