Leonardo Bonucci says leaving Juventus for AC Milan was a mistake he only made because he was angry

The 31-year-old centre-back had given Juve seven years of service and won six titles before he jumped ship for a five-year AC deal on July 14, 2017.

Despite being made Milan captain, Bonucci endured a miserable season and was back at the Old Lady on August 2, 2018.

And he has told Corriere dello Sport the farcical transfer was an error of judgement made in a rage after a row with manager Max Allegri

He said: “With clever and mature people, it becomes clear, you shake hands, and look together towards the same goal.

“A talent all coaches have is intelligence, and this allows him [Allegri] to know how to manage a dressing room as important as that of Juventus.

“Leaving was a difficult choice, taken in a moment of anger.

"This experience has taught me that in times of anger, instinct can make us make the wrong choices.

“Things had happened during the last four months at Juventus that had touched me at the level of pride, on a personal level, intimately, and I was not good enough.”

Now Bonucci is back in Allegri’s good books, he wants his job.

The Italy defender wants to manage Juventus when he hangs up his boots.

He said: “My dream is to become an important coach of a great team, possibly Juventus.

“So, I'm observing and putting aside all the secrets of the various coaches that I have had to try to get the best out of myself.”

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