Meet Shandon Baptiste, the midfielder being teased by his Oxford United team-mates after being rated the worst player on FIFA 19

The midfielder, who regularly plays career mode as himself on the game, is keen to improve following his underwhelming score of 47.

Baptiste was rated 47 on last year's game and he is one of 14 players with the joint-lowest score this time round.

The 20-year-old has revealed how his team-mates reacted when the game was released at the end of September.

He told DreamTeam: "I'm not going to lie the boys were giving me a lot of stick when the ratings first came out.

"A lot of them are between 50 and 55 yet I'm down as 47.

"Maybe it's because I've just broken into the first team and they've given me any old rating.

"Hopefully after the next update I'll go up because the younger guys at the club are really giving me some banter."

In comparison, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best players on the game with a rating of 94.

Baptiste added: "I was on last year and my rating was the same.

"Every time I start a career mode I always play as myself, but even then my potential is quite low.

"I must have taken Oxford all the way to the Premier League last year and I still only got up to 49.

"From League One to the Premier League… and I went up two ratings!"







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