UFC star John Phillips reveals free fish suppers in Iceland have fuelled him for Battle of Wales

UFC warrior Johnny Phillips has fuelled up on a diet of free Icelandic fish for his all-Wales showdown with Jack Marshman on Saturday.

The O2 clash – the first in UFC’s history between two Welshman – will unofficially decide the best middleweight MMA star the country has to offer.

And Phillips, who trains under Conor McGregor’s mentor John Kavanagh, was taken to Iceland for a part of his and Gunnar Nelson’s training camp where the price of food almost floored him.

The heavy-handed southpaw said: “Iceland was very cool, the only bad things about it are how cold and expensive it is.

“It was so expensive, about eight f****** quid for a coffee, so there was a lot of free fish being eaten.

“We were very lucky because a place called Salka Valka gave us a free meal every day, we were turning up like homeless guys looking for some free fish, they really looked after us.”

When Phillips made his UFC debut last year he was hugely hyped because of his links to McGregor’s Straight Blast Gym and his ‘White Mike Tyson’ nickname.

At the pre-fight media day he looked the part with sunglasses and bright red braces but he suffered a first-round loss to Charles Byrd.

This time, with his UFC career on the line after a second defeat in November, the 185lbs striker only cares about a KO.

He said: “This time it is all business, no fucking around getting suits or clothes, I want to get the job done and then maybe I crack will a suit out.

“Whoever wins this will be the king of Wales, he and I both know it, it will be a proper fight.

“I feel the pressure id off a bit because the pressure for the first one really got to me. No it is off, I know what the game is about and I am ready.”

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