Burglar steals more than $300K in jewelry from Brooklyn home

An elderly woman returned from vacation to find her Brooklyn home had been burgled — with more than $300,000 in jewelry, including 40 gold necklaces and bracelets, stolen, police said.

The 83-year-old Midwood resident returned from her 10-day trip on April 28 at around 5:30 p.m. and discovered someone had broken into her Avenue L home, cops said late Thursday.

The thief slipped in through an unlocked window on the side of the house sometime between April 18 and April 28, then allegedly snagged $320,000 worth of baubles and the woman’s credit card.

The victim told cops the crook stole a $30,000 wedding ring, two black and white pearl necklaces worth $60,000, a $25,000 eternity band, 20 gold necklaces worth $80,000, 20 gold bracelets valued at $60,000, a sapphire and diamond worth $15,000, and 15 diamond and pearl pins worth $50,000.

Cops provided a photograph and a video of a person of interest who they say later used the stolen credit card at a Macy’s store.

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