Extreme hoarder who spent £20k on shopping addiction struggles to get into bed due to 150 boxes of clutter

Peter Stuart, an ex-disco dancer, called in Steve and Jamie Hughes to get rid of the mountains of shopping that had become piled up to his one-bed flat ceiling.

They pulled out 150 boxes worth of purchases as they tidied up his home.

The 54-year-old will appear on ITV's Call The Cleaners this evening, to demonstrate the dramatic transformation within his tiny home.

His shopping habit, which was sparked by a brain injury, left him in an unlivable situation in the flat he has lived in for nine years.

He told the father and son cleaning team "I get out of breath just coming from the living room" as they fight their way through through the mounds.

His flat is seen full of empty boxes, unpacked packages and papers from his addiction, which he says came after he was brutally attacked in a shopping centre.

For the last year he has been unable to freely move around his flat, with nowhere for him to sit in his living room.

He even had to jump from the corridor to his bed as he couldn't find a path through.

As he loads up four vans with the boxes, Jamie said: "I don't think I've ever seen as much stuff come out of a one-bedroom apartment.

I get out of breath just coming from the living room

"And he's still got, believe me, plenty in there, but a good controllable level."

Peter struggled to let his items go – hovering as the cleaners began to clear up and asking them not to throw away paint, newspapers and an empty box.

But after talking a walk and letting the team get on with it he returned to his flat.

As he was shown his clutter-free home Peter said: "Oh my god, I can't believe it.

"This is the way it should be, fantastic.

"Happy isn't the word, it's unbelievable that someone can give you your life back, and that's exactly what you've done."

We previously reported on episodes of the ITV show where a team tackled a flat that had mounds of dried spit piled up among rubble.

Full of determination, mum and daughter cleaning team Maxine and Jasmine, 22, travelled to Luton to get to work on the property which had fallen into an unbelievable state.

And two professionals took on the worst mess they'd ever seen in their 19-year careers as extreme cleaners.

Call The Cleaners is on ITV this evening at 7.30pm.


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