Huddersfield grooming gang victims recall their abuse as the 20 paedos are unmasked and sentenced to a total of 221 years in prison

Pimped out at 11

THE daughter of a drug addict was targeted when aged just 11.
She was scared of the gang, explaining: “There were so many.

“I couldn’t speak to my mum so it just carried on.”

Zahid Hassan, 29, gave her vodka and ecstasy, forced her into sex and pimped her out to other men.

She was put into care and was moved from care home to care home — but was always tracked down.

She later had a baby by one of her attackers. Yet even then, the abuse continued.

Forced to take ecstasy

ONE of the gang’s victims was 13 when she was introduced to them by a friend.

On one occasion, Manzoor Hassan, 38, slapped her and forced a fistful of ecstasy tablets into her mouth.

He held his hand over her mouth until she swallowed them.


She was later found in the road “incapacitated and incoherent”.

She was taken to hospital for treatment, where she was collected by her parents.

The girl, now 26, said she was also repeatedly abused by other members of the gang.

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