Local ice artists carving species at risk throughout Riding Mountain Nat’l Park

Four unique ice sculptures are showcasing different species that call Riding Mountain National Park home.

Riding Mountain currently has 28 species at risk living within its boundaries.

Ice sculptures being carved at Riding Mountain National Park.

The five local artists taking part in the new display are Allan Fogg, Jaques Boulet, Chris Pancoe, James Culleton, and Jakobi Heinrichs.

Each of them are world-class Manitoba snow carvers who have had their work exhibited across Canada as well as internationally.

The display aims to inspire thought about creating a better home together.

James Culleton looking at his creation of a Leopard Frog on top of a water bottle.

“It’s about waterways and how they’re getting polluted with plastics and litter so we have a frog riding a water bottle, that iconic shape of a water bottle was fun to sculpt,” says Culleton.

Among the Leopard Frog, the Monarch Butterfly, Western Tiger Salamander, and Barn Swallow were the other animals featured.

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