Racist McDonald's customer filmed in SECOND vile rant claiming 'you're parasites in my country'

The clips of the unknown man emerged on Saturday after bystanders filmed the tirades in Brixton.

We previously revealed the middle aged man's sexist and racist tirade at staff and other customers in the packed restaurant.

In the clip he blamed immigrants for "ruining England" and makes derogatory remarks about feminists and rants that "white men built civilisation".

And now a second clip has been released showing the same man continuing his rant – calling people parasites.

In the clip he says: "We built civilisation and you are parasites in this country."

He continues: "White men built the world and you're coming to my country to suck the energy from my country that we created.

"We built Africa and now that the white men have left, they've all gone back to being poor and scratching the dirt."

He adds: "We built Africa, now you've chucked out the whites, you've gone back to being primitive f**king…. You have no money and no food. You kicked out the whites."

The clip was shared on twitter by @__Lexldn and has since been view over 246k times.

In the previous clip, filmed by soul musician Alex Parvenu at the fast food chain's Brixton branch at around 10pm on Friday night, the man said: "I just want to say that this is run by bloody immigrants."

He then targets feminists, claiming that they are letting "women run the world" and calling them "soy boys".

He adds: "No wonder the world is f****d. It's full of feminists and immigrants.

"That's why my country is f****d. That's why England is f****d. It's full of feminists and immigrants.

"The world is built by white men but you don't like it, do you?"


In the footage, the man was then surrounded by customers who pushed him out of the building.

A McDonald's spokesman confirmed an "incident" took place at its Brixton restaurant.

He said: "We are supporting our team who were working at the time."

A Met Police spokesman added: "We can confirm that on Friday, 11 January, police received a report of a public order offence inside a fast food restaurant at Brixton Road on Friday, 11 January.

"A male within the venue was verbally abusive toward people using abusive language and making racial slurs. Inquiries are underway to identify the male."

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