The people were clear on Brexit but politicians have led us into a blind alley

But the Tory Party chairman’s warnings are more than a little rich.

The Government has had two years to honour the 2016 referendum result.

Instead it has failed to come up with a workable deal, failed to prepare properly for a No Deal, and failed to hang on to the slim majority it had at the start of Brexit.

Now it seems certain Theresa May will fail to win Tuesday’s vote as well. No one doubts the Prime Minister’s dogged determination, but she has frittered away a golden opportunity.

Mr Lewis warns of paralysis if the vote is lost, but how else would you describe the situation we have already seen this week?

Jeremy Corbyn and his squabbling rabble are putting their own interests before those of the country, while Tory Remainers plot against their own leadership.

Mrs May’s options are rapidly running out and we are entering uncharted political waters.

But one thing is certain: The will of the people was resoundingly clear at the referendum.

It’s the will of the politicians — or lack of — that has led us into this crisis.

Brum and dumber

HAVING your car stolen is traumatic enough.

But shocking new figures show your chances of ever seeing it again depend hugely on where you live.

Police recovered fewer than one in two vehicles nicked across the UK in the past ten years.

Merseyside officers have a 75 per cent success rate, but for the Keystone Kops in the West Midlands, it’s just 12 per cent.

Police cuts are blamed, but that hardly explains such differences.

It is alarming that drivers are the victims of such a postcode lottery.

Un-Speaker-ble Bercow

THE appalling arrogance of the EU-loving Speaker John Bercow knows no bounds.

We reveal today he binned a paper from his most senior official, David Natzler, when he tried to discuss Mr Bercow’s controversial Commons amendment.

The Speaker shamelessly ignored the very Parliamentary conventions he is there to uphold so he could skew the Brexit debate in favour of Remainers — damaging the impartiality of his office.

Mr Bercow has a B******s to Brexit sticker on the family car.

Isn’t it time to say B******s to Bercow?

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