Who is Carrie Symonds and how is the former Conservative communications aide linked to Boris Johnson?

The communications and PR chief quit working for Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) earlier this year. Here's her story.

Who is Carrie Symonds?

The 30-year-old woman linked to Boris Johnson is Carrie Symonds,

Her parents are Matthew Symonds, one of the founders of the Independent, and Josephine Mcaffee who was one of the paper's lawyers.

Symonds grew up in East Sheen, South West London, and attended the prestigious Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith.

Described as a popular figure in Westminster, the young PR guru regularly attended parliamentary bashes and Tory party events while working as the party’s communications chief.

Symonds worked for current Home Secretary Sajid Javid when he has the local government brief, as well as for John Whittingdale during his time as Culture Secretary.

Following a brief spell as an adviser to Tory MP Zac Goldsmith, she was appointed to the strategic role of Conservative communications chief.

The lucrative role led to her being named as the UK’s second most powerful public relations professional by PR Week magazine.

Symonds spent the past three years working alongside leading Tories including Michael Gove and Amber Rudd.

She recently quit her job at CCHQ after eight years.

Symonds was due to start a new job at Bloomberg on Monday, September 10, promoting clean oceans but the company announced she had deferred her start date.

How is the former Tory aide linked to Boris Johnson?

The pair have never confirmed any romantic ties between them, but sources suggest that they enjoy a very intimate relationship.

Rumours started when Symonds reportedly attended private dinner dates and political functions with the former Foreign Secretary, with the pair allegedly texting at all hours of the day and night.

Eyebrows were also raised at a colleague’s wedding when Symonds allegedly waved her mobile phone cheerfully showing mischievous text messages from Boris, who was then still serving as Foreign Secretary.

Sources say that on Valentines Day, Symonds was heard boasting to friends about spending the night with Boris in the Oxfordshire countryside.

BoJo is also reported to have wooed Symonds at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn.

At the centre of the "affair" scandal, Boris made a phone call to Symonds, telling her he couldn't wait to see her again, according to reports.

BoJo, 54, vowed to "protect" Carrie Symonds, 30, and apologised for dragging her into the media storm, according to the Mirror.

In January 2019 their relationship became the subject of speculation once again.

According to sources, Carrie has now moved in with BoJo.

A friend told The Sun: “He wants to get engaged. He’s completely in thrall to Carrie. Totally loved-up.

“It’s sweet to see. He’s like a puppy dog around her and very solicitous but desperate to avoid messing it up.”

The source believes the Tory MP will propose to the former Tory aide "once the ink dries on his divorce".

When did Boris Johnson announce his divorce?

Boris and his long-suffering wife Marina Wheeler announced their divorce on September 7, 2018, after news of his affair emerged.

The pair said in a joint statement that they separated "some time ago" and are now in the process of getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage.

In a statement they suggested their split was amicable, saying that "as friends we will continue to support our four children in the years ahead."

Marina has thrown her husband out twice before — first in 2004 over his four-year affair with writer Petronella Wyatt, and then again in 2010 when he was suspected of having a lovechild with art consultant Helen ­Macintyre.

On both occasions, Marina has taken him back, but this time Boris seems to have gone too far.

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