This $18 Vanity Mirror Is Going Viral on Amazon — See Why It's So Cool

Beauty junkies, we have found your next necessary purchase. This Ovonni Vanity Makeup Mirror ($18) is up 21,000 percent in sales and for good reason — 83 percent of customers give it five stars, which is quite impressive. So why are buyers loving it so much?

For starters, the three-panel design allows you to see your face from every angle. The mirror is also built with 21 LED lights that let you to see when you’re in dim rooms. You can adjust the brightness depending on your preference. There are two ways to power up this item — you can use AAA batteries or a USB cable. The product also comes with a magnifying mirror in the corner so you can perfect every detail of your look.

This mirror is incredibly useful to have on hand, plus it’s easy to travel with. We can’t wait to give it a try!

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