The $6 Product Josephine Skriver Swears Makes Shaving Your Bikini Line Suck Less

Thinking about Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver’s bikini line gives me a little bit of anxiety. The concept of having to be eternally Fantasy Bra (and panty)-ready as part of one’s job description is not for the faint of heart. So if you’re looking for pubic hair grooming tips, consider the Victoria’s Secret Angel and new Maybelline ambassador a total expert on hair removal.

Unlike plebes like me who save shaving for Summer, a beach vacation, or a big date, Josephine told POPSUGAR that she’s always “in bikini mode.” But the 25-year-old confessed that grooming is the absolute last thing on her mind when she puts on a bathing suit. “For me, it’s about working out, eating healthy, having that confidence in my body so I feel strong and ready,” she said.

Josephine also cops to ignoring her bikini line when life gets in the way. “There are days when I walk [the runway], and I’m like, “Damn it, I forgot to shave,'” she laughed. And while she used to wax, she’s since stopped the practice since the grow-out period in between appointments is longer than she’s comfortable waiting for.

If there’s one absolute shaving rule Josephine swears by, it starts with picking the right kind of razor. “I almost always use a new blade every time I shave, because then you don’t you get the red bumps,” she said.

After she shaves, Josephine rinses with baby oil ($6) to soothe her skin. According to the model, “It doesn’t have too many toxins in it, so it doesn’t irritate anything. It’s super clean and makes you feel moisturized.”

Her technique? Post-razor, put the oil on when you’re almost done with you shower, and then dab yourself dry afterward to prevent moisture from clogging your pores. She also swears that using baby oil on freshly shaved skin prevents future chafing. “I feel like what’s really annoying is when you have dry skin rubbing against your legs,” she said. “I hate that.” Girl, same.

I don’t know about you, but after that I’m feeling a bikini shopping sesh coming on in 3, 2, 1. . .

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