This is the One Beauty Product You Need When Dating

I started my year as a tadpole in the dating pond. And when it came to staying over at my new beau’s abode, the fear of not wanting to wake up looking like Patsy Stone after a long night, while leaving my vast beauty bag at home, was a dilemma I did not relish. Although he may have witnessed me in just about every makeup-free state now, there was certainly an initial appeal in having a morning glow in the early days. Alas, there are only so many foam cleansers, lip plumpers, and eyebrow gels a girl can Tetris into a crossbody bag.

In stepped the green gurus at Clean Beauty and their appropriately titled “Babe Balm.” Acting as a highlighter, moisturizer, and cleanser, the all-natural balm caters to cheeks, brows, cuticles, lips, lids, *takes breath* elbows, hands, and feet. And with this balm in my arsenal, I was able to remove my makeup, moisturize, and add a dewy glow without even having to wet a Beauty Blender. My man was as clueless as Jon Hamm as he awoke to my unruly brows tamed, glossy eyelids, and a plump pout.

If you’ve just started dating someone, have a camping trip in your calendar, or are planning a few nights away, and you’re looking to downsize your beauty bag with a do-it-all product, then Babe Balm ($23) is for you. As long as it is nestled next to an Eyeko Lash Alert mascara ($26), I’m all set.

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