People Are Injecting Filler Into Their Scrotums to Get Bigger Balls

Ah, modern medicine, how you delight and surprise us with your innovations. But the most recent trend is not, you know, the cure for the common cold, or a pill that fixes your hangover, or even a face cream that gives you Heidi Klum cheekbones (dreams)—it’s injecting filler into testicles to make them bigger. Yes, you read that right.

According to Metro UK, some men (and people with testicles) are opting to enlarge their balls by shooting them up with the same filler you’d use in your face. The process “would involve injecting a filler in the soft dartos layer underneath the scrotal skin, so as to cause a visible increase in scrotal volume,” said uro-andrologist Giulio Garaffa, M.D., to Metro UK.

So technically, you’re not actually injecting the balls themselves with filler, but the skin around them—which is maybe a tiny bit less painful?

Of course, testicular manipulation isn’t a new thing—it’s been seen both in the BDSM world (using saline, which wears off in a few days), and is quite common with people who have lost a testicle due to cancer or injury and opt for a prosthetic. But the recent movement toward using fillers is a new one, and, according to Dr. Garaffa, still not very popular in his clinic, though patients do ask for it.

Like all medical treatments, scrotal fillers do come with possible side effects, especially if you go to an unlicensed practitioner who uses unregulated fillers, which could be fatal. “The important thing to remember is that any compromise in your vascular structures, like accidentally blocking vessels, could be a disaster for the patient,” says Mona Gohara, M.D., dermatologist at Yale University, who spends her days injecting filler…everywhere but in the balls. “So proceed with caution and make sure that the injector knows their anatomy.”

And, adds Dr. Gohara, remember that fillers are always just a temporary fix. “Most wear off within a year, so maintenance will be required.” Still, if you aren’t comfortable with the size of your balls, or your partner is always wistfully looking out the window, wishing that their testicles were larger, know that you officially have some options.

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