This $5 Hand Sanitizer Is So Moisturizing, You Won’t Need Hand Cream

With news of the coronavirus vaccine’s first distribution reaching healthcare workers, it feels as if an end to the pandemic is finally in sight. After 10 long months of staying indoors as much as possible and masking up to go outside, the idea of hugging someone without a face covering is both thrilling and still slightly anxiety-inducing. We’re close, but not there yet — and to get through the final months, it’s time to switch from drying soaps that leave your hands miserable to a hand sanitizer that feels so much like hand cream, you’ll keep using it when things go back to normal. 

First and most importantly, Biossance’s Squalane Hand Sanitizer is loaded with 70 percent ethyl alcohol to make sure microbes don’t stand a chance. Then, things get interesting: The brand balanced the disinfectant with squalane, a moisturizing oil that catapulted Biossance’s anti-aging serum onto best-seller lists and led to one selling every five minutes. 

When you scroll through shoppers’ reviews of the sanitizer, they call it the “best ever,” bar none, and “exceptionally good.” One person notes that after another sanitizer put their hands through the ringer, their skin was cracked open and extremely painful. After just one day, Biossance’s sanitizer hugely softened their skin and left their hands at ease. 

In fact, three pages of shopper reviews center on how moisturizing the product is, commenting that it could take the place of hand cream and that it makes hands feel “so incredibly soft,” users actually look forward to sanitizing now. It’s so good, one reviewer says they’re buying more as gifts. Shocked? So are commenters. One person titled their review “MOISTURE IN A SANITIZER?!” which feels appropriate.

Buy It! Biossance Squalane Hand Sanitizer, $5–10;

Another shopper who identified themselves as a nurse said, “Of all the hand sanitizers I’ve ever tried, this is my fave. Normally I can’t stand the stuff and wash my hands as soon as it’s dried. All of this has led to cracked knuckles, and sore, irritated skin around and in between my fingers… This stuff is so much better than anything I’ve used at the hospital or in regular daily life. This hand sanitizer is not drying, it doesn't feel like there’s a film on my hands and it has almost no smell.” 

One more reviewer writes they love it so much, they bought five full-size bottles when it first came out and have been eagerly waiting for it to restock. Now, their wish is granted: The $10 full-size bottle is joined by a $5 travel-sized one, and both are in stock on the brand’s website. 

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