’90 Day Fiance’ Star Michael Jessen’s Son Gets Stitches After ‘Banging’ His Head on Water Fountain

Max Jessen shares on Instagram a photo of him showing his injury in what appears to be a hospital room as writing, ‘Banged My Head On A Water Fountain, Getting Stitches.’

AceShowbizMax Jessen got into an accident that required him to take a trip to the hospital on Thursday, January 23. The son of “90 Day Fiance” star Michael Jessen shared to his Instagram followers that he was left injured after banging his head on a water fountain.

Taking to the photo-sharing platform, Max uploaded a photo of him in what appeared to be a hospital room as he showed a cut just above his eye. Despite the injury, the teenager was all smiles in the photo and told his followers in the caption of the post, “Banged My Head On A Water Fountain, Getting Stitches.”

Fortunately, the procedure went well as he updated hours later, “Update on the stitchuation: just got stitched up and feel fine.” Max additionally shared a photo of the stitch. Meanwhile, many have since wished him a speedy recovery. “Hope you heal fast! Glad you feel okay!” a user commented. “Feel better soon little warrior,” another wrote, as an individual tried to make him feel better, “Scars are sexy on a man.”

Max is currently starring in season 7 of “90 Day Fiance” as his dad’s romance with Brazilian model Juliana Custodio is documented on the show. Their relationship, however, are criticized by a lot of people due to their 20-year gap. The couple doesn’t let the criticism get the best of them, though, as they constantly hit back at their haters.

Most recently, Michael clapped back at an Instagram follower who said he and Juliana looked like father and daughter rather than a couple. “Did taking the time to write and send this direct message to me make you feel better about yourself?” he wrote in response, following it up with a couple of new messages, “Hello? Are you still there? You took the time to send me this message and now I’m getting ghosted?”

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