Alisha Marie Quits YouTube Channel, Popular YouTuber Takes Break

Say it’s not so! Alisha Marie announced that she’s going to be “taking a step back” from her channel and we are seriously distraught. The 25-year-old YouTuber has been making videos for 10 years and has gained over seven million subscribers over the years. In an emotional video titled “This Isn’t Goodbye…”she reveals that she is going to take some time for herself.

In the video, Alisha mentions how she has been feeling “burnt out” and that she doesn’t know how long the break is going to be. She saus, “In my head it’s only a monthish, but who knows if I need more time or anything like that. Or maybe it’s only a week, who knows!”

The blonde beauty went on to say that she wishes she could have get out of jail free card where she could “be gone and no one would know” but she knew what she needed to do. Alisha even mentions that she attended the Creator’s Summit in New York and that when she found out that the Dolan Twins were there and that they had just come back from taking a break, she got inspired to do the same.

As she closes the video, the vlogger takes a moment to tell her viewers that “mental health is so much more important than anything else.” We love that she is so honest and vulnerable about her feelings and that she uses this moment to open up the conversation about mental health.

As for her vlogging channel, Alisha says that she’s not going to “fully take a break” from it, but will only do it when she wants to instead of feeling like she has to do it every day.

As much as we will miss her vids, we hope that Alisha gets the rest she deserves and returns feeling more confident and creative than ever before.

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