Allison Mack’s Schoolmate Convinced ‘Sweet’ Star Was ‘Manipulated’ By Alleged Sex Cult

Following Allison Mack’s shocking arrest for being involved in alleged sex cult NXIVM, a former school friend has spoken out about the girl she once knew.

She’s the former Smallville actress who has been accused of being a senior member of alleged sex cult NXIVM. On April 20 Allison Mack, 35, was charged with sex trafficking and forced labor. But to at least one person who knew her before she was famous, the accusations are a shock. On April 24, a woman who only gave her name as “Jessica,” called into Dr. Drew Pinsky’s KABC Los Angeles radio show, Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan. The woman claimed to have gone to school with the actress in Orange County, Calif. and when she knew the star, she said Allison was very “sweet.”

Jessica told the radio hosts, “The Allison Mack story is obviously terrible. I know her. I went to school with her in Orange County and [have] known her since I was about 11-years-old and I’ve known her all through high school too. We graduated the same year. She was always real sweet, very modest, very genuinely kind person.” The stunned school friend added, “The story is obviously a lot more shocking now because I knew this personality back then and I just feel like it’s so sad because she came from a great family, really involved parents. She was in musical theater, very talented obviously…” Dr. Drew, Lauren Sivan and their colleague Jillian Barberie peppered the caller with questions about Allison, asking her if the actress had ever tried to “recruit” her. But Jessica said, “Never.”

While Jessica never indicated that she is still in touch with the actress she did say she felt the Orange County High School of the Arts grad may have been “manipulated.” She said, “I really feel like she just got involved with the wrong person and they just totally manipulated her…” She added, “And somebody tried to display some kind of, ‘Looking out for your better interests Allison. Come along with me and we’ll take care’… and she submitted.” Listen to the full interview here.

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