Asian-Americans Explain Just How Much ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Means To Them

There’s basically been one thing on the minds of all of Asian Twitter, and that’s “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Since the release of the film’s trailer on Monday, which preceded a few advanced screenings this week, Asian-Americans are using social media to express just how much the movie means to them. 

After all, with a more than two-decade gap since the release of “The Joy Luck Club,” the last Hollywood film featuring an Asian-majority cast that isn’t a period piece, the hype is completely understandable. 

Some pointed out how refreshing it is to see three-dimensional Asian characters on screen, while others noted the film’s characters depart from stereotypes. A few people even mentioned how the upcoming movie could inspire younger generations to embrace their heritage. 

For Asian-Americans, securing proper representation in Hollywood has been a struggle. Research on diversity in Hollywood found that barely more than 3 percent of film roles in 2016 went to Asian actors. In contrast, more than 78 percent went to white actors.

It’s about time Hollywood released another movie with an Asian-majority cast because, as sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen points out, inclusive Asian-American representation in media skipped an entire generation. 

“An entire generation in the United States missed out on seeing Asian-American families represented in film and television. This is significant since families are central to belonging and community,” Wang Yuen wrote in a blog for HuffPost. “The exclusion of Asian-American families from popular culture dehumanizes and marginalizes them as outsiders.”


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