Cardi B Appears To Stand Up for Kanye West As She Slams Fans For ‘Getting Joy’ Off Others’ ‘Misery’

Cardi B has a strong message for fans who are slamming Kanye West’s April 25 Twitter rant! Check it out here!

Kanye West’s social media hiatus is officially over! The outspoken rapper/producer returned to Twitter, and admitted he has A LOT of love for America’s controversial president Donald Trump. And while many fans are writing Yeezy off as “crazy,” Cardi B has seemingly come to his defense. “Social media have been the most disgusting place. It makes me question humanity and not only on celebs on other people and situations. I see people on here laughing and getting joy off other people misery. People wishing for other peoples kids to be taking away from them. Be wishing that people career fail and fall not knowing how they going to provide for their family next,” Cardi captioned an Instagram post that she’s since deleted. Unfortunately, after Kanye’s rant, many fans suggested he was “mentally ill,” which is wife Kim Kardashian has vehemently denied.

“Wishing heartaches and break up on people’s relationships, marriages, and homes. Lowering people self esteem and what ya do it for? likes, retweets and a couple of followers or a comment back? Ya forget the evil sh*t and mind ya have is the reason why God has you held back in life. I’m not talking bout my self I just see a lot of f*cked up sh*t and it’s just disgust me,” Cardi continued. Preach! Of course, Cardi didn’t explicitly mention Kanye, but the timing of her post comes just one day after his explosive tweets.

And although Cardi claims she’s not talking about herself, we have a feeling she might be. After announcing she’s expecting her first child with her fiancé Offset, Cardi revealed why she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long. “People be so thirsty to scrutinize and try to destroy something that is supposed to be a blessing,” she captioned an Instagram post. So, you can understand why she has sympathy for Kanye. She knows how it feels to be under attack!

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