Cardi B Gets Candid About Reuniting With Offset: It’ll ‘Take Time’ Before We’re Perfect Again

Cardi B says it’s going to take time for her to fully be in a place where he marriage to Offset will be like it once was. We’ve got her candid words about their recent reconciliation.

It’s a Cardi B Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta, where the rapper is headlining several parties. It also gives her time to spend with ATL native and on-again husband Offset, 27. The “I Like It” singer announced on Dec. 5 that they split, and he kept begging for her forgiveness and asking her to take him back. Now that she finally has, Cardi tells PEOPLE on Feb. 1 that “It’s a personal thing,” when it comes to the status of their relationship. She adds that “I feel like we just really are a very regular couple.”

“I hang out with him, I talk to him every day and we do our thing,” Cardi says of her on-again husband. “It’s just like — to make things perfect… it takes time. You know, f**king and hanging out doesn’t mean that you guys are on like a perfect note, it takes time. It takes time. And it’s a marriage and there’s a child involved and family involved.” The couple are the parents of a six-month-old daughter, Kulture.

She gets so much pressure and heat from fans on social media about what’s currently going on in her romance with Offset and Cardi has a huge message for everyone.“My relationship — my marriage — is not for them,” she tells the publication. As for where things stand now, the two are “just taking things slow. We have a baby right now. That’s like our real big focus.”

“We just do regular things,. I just feel like: We’re famous…we’re really popular right now — I just don’t know the obsession, like I feel like everything we do is a big deal. Even before the bad scandals, just from the first time they seen us together, it was just like this big crazy deal,” Cardi continues. The “scandals” she’s referring to include Offset allegedly having rapper Summer Bunni as a mistress. After Cardi’s breakup announcement, Summer Bunni publicly apologized for breaking up Cardi’s family, and also claimed Offset tried to get her to organize threesomes during his marriage behind unknowing Cardi’s back.

It’s going to be an adults only weekend as Cardi didn’t bring their daughter to Atlanta with her, telling the magazine “I just felt like it was too hectic for her,” but she’s looking forward to her homegrown ATL husband to show her a good time. “This is his city,” she says. “And I don’t really know much about this city. I know that this city’s almost like the Wild Wild West, so it’s just like I know that he protect me the most. He knows everything.” Have a blast Cardi!

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