Cheryl enjoys rare night off from mummy duties for wild pasta whipping night out

Cheryl Tweedy enjoyed an evening off mummy duties for a girls night out with fellow Girls Aloud stars Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts.

The trio of pop beauties were helping a mutual friend celebrate their birthday and descended on upmarket chinese restaurant Mr Chow in Knightsbridge for an evening of noodle based excitement.

Singing sensation Cheryl, 34, has a one-year-old son named Bear with her 24-year-old boyfriend Liam Payne and had a rare evening of letting her hair down as she helped her friend Beth Horan ring in her birthday.

Joined by 36-year-old Kimberley and 32-year-old Nicola, the ladies giggled and screamed as a chef created some fresh noodles before their very eyes.

"It’s like Nicola’s hair!” fashion blogger Lily England exclaimed as she shared video from the big night out on Instagram stories.

Nicola was impressed by the noodle mankind and could be heard scream in amazement: "It’s like magic! It’s like a magic trick!"

While a flash around the group from Kimberley’s Instagram feed showed a glowing Chezza sat among the party.

Cheryl looked upbeat in the video having recently had to bite back at reports her romance with Liam is on the rocks.

She slammed reports Liam had grown close to one of his backing dancers, lashing out on Twitter to clarify stating: “I can’t ignore this story involving an innocent dancer colleague of Liam’s who has a fiancé” as she insisted everyone was nothing more than professional friends.

Meanwhile Liam recently discussed how big his and Cheryl’s bundle of joy has become, telling PopBuzz: "Where’s my baby gone? He’s like this big. He’s one. Everyone comes over and is like, ‘Your child’s massive!’"

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