Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Danced At His Concert With Friends & It’s The Cutest

Talk about an epic playdate! Royalty danced with her friends at her dad’s concert, and if their moves aren’t the cutest thing you’ve seen all day, we don’t know what is.

Think that your Chris Brown‘s biggest fan? Think again! The rapper, 29, just posted a video of his daughter and her friends at his Heartbreak on a Full Moon tour — and they were seriously jamming to “Wall to Wall.” Royalty is only four years old, which means she wasn’t even born when the song came out in 2007, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love rocking out to it with her ladies. Chris posted the video of his daughter and her friends on Instagram, writing, “She 4 bringing her friends to my concert. I’m officially mindblown!” So are we, especially because Royalty and her friends were dressed to impress. From pink bomber jackets to denim skirts to highlighter pants, they pulled all the stops for Chris’s concert. Too cute!

Apparently, Royalty’s epic playdate was a complete surprise to her dad. Chris didn’t even know that she was there! He posted a pic of him onstage and covered in silly string between two of his favorite girls. “Momma and lil momma surprised me!” he wrote, and fans were loving the sweet shot. “So blessed!” one said. “Your vibe is getting so much sweeter.” Another added, “So proud of how you’ve grown. You’re amazing. Wow.” It wasn’t the first time Royalty showed up on this tour, though. She was also supporting her dad — without her friends — on July 10, and the two walked out onto the stage hand-in-hand at the end of the show. That, combined with the fact that Chris helped a kid who fainted at another one of his shows, is sure helping clean up his image, recent arrest aside.

Chris was arrested right after a concert in West Palm Beach on July 5 for an outstanding warrant, but he was released on bail and continued his tour schedule.

She 4 bringing her friends to my concert.. im officially mindblown!

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If he hadn’t we wouldn’t have this adorable video of Royalty and her adorable friends — and their even more adorable dance moves. We seriously can’t stop watching!

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