CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski's 9-month-old daughter dies on Christmas Eve

CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski’s nine-month-old daughter died on Christmas Eve after battling a rare cancer.

The reporter confirmed the devastating news on Twitter that Francesca, nicknamed Bean, had died on December 24, three months after the baby was diagnosed with an ‘extremely rare and very aggressive rhabdoid brain tumour’.

Andrew, who is married to Wall Street Journal reporter Rachel Louise Ensign, tweeted: ‘We’re heartbroken to have to announce our beautiful daughter Francesca passed away last night in the arms of her mom and dad. There will always be a Bean-sized hole in our hearts for her. We’re so grateful to have known her love. 

‘Francesca we love you.’

Andrew was inundated with messages of support and condolence, with The West Wing actor Bradley Whitford writing: ‘Oh, Andrew no!!!  Love to you all. And Rest In Peace sweet Bean.’

Kathy Griffin replied: ‘No words, just love and gentle support’, while Rosanna Arquette wrote: ‘I’m sorry for your heartbreaking loss May she rest in peace and power she was blessed to have you as parents. And she is free from pain. she’ll be close to you a true angel.’

‘Her many smiles sent a thrill through the world. She was so generous with them, even when most of the smiles back were covered by masks and even when she faced challenges that would scare an adult, like a cancer diagnosis or being born with hearing loss.’

He added: ‘Francesca showed her parents a kind of love they never knew before and they will never forget it.’

Last week, Andrew shared that Francesca had developed a ‘terrible fungal infection’ and was put on a ventilator, followed by life support.

He had tweeted: ‘One of the hardest parts of watching Francesca on life support has just been the limbo of everything. When she’s not getting worse, but not getting better. Just the day in and out of waiting becomes so hard. I hope everyday for that sign she’s getting better and can improve

‘What an unfair world where babies have to get the hardest chemo protocol you can get because it’s there only chance.’

Hours before Francesca’s death, he wrote: ‘If anyone can spare a pray for our Bean this Christmas, would just ask they include Francesca in their thoughts and hope for a Christmas miracle for our family.’

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