Dara Ó Briain wife: Is Dara Ó Briain married? Does he have children?

BBC 2 tonight (Monday, June 17) will air the first episode of The Family Brain Games, a new quiz show hosted by Dara Ó Briain. Ó Briain has a family of his own, which includes a wife and two children. The Ó Briain family lives in North London, though the TV presenter has not spoken much about his wife in public.

Does Dara Ó Briain have a wife and children?

Dara Ó Briain has been married to his English wife Susan since 2006.

Susan Ó Briain mostly stays out of the private eye and works as a surgeon.

The pair live together in North London with their two children.

According to the Irish Mirror, he got booed at a Dublin stand-up gig for saying he would “still love my English child” if they scored a goal against Ireland.

In an interview with the paper in 2016, the comedian spoke about being an Irish man raising his children in Britain.

He said: “They aren’t born with DNA crying to be back on the turf – it’s not in them.

“They’ll wear Ireland T-shirts and they’re very excited for Ireland and daddy when he is jumping up and down at the telly but they create their own identity and you have to let them to do that.

“It was nice to play with that tension during stand up in front of Vicar Street when I said ‘I love my English child,’ it created this weird ripple in the room.

“People knew you’d obviously love your child but then when I said ‘even if they scored the winning goal for England against Ireland and then added in at Croke Park, the crowd began booing.”

However, according to The Times, Ó Briain will not answer questions about his wife and children, despite mentioning them in his stand up act.

The publication wrote: “Notoriously, Ó Briain will not confirm his marriage to his English wife, Susan, nor the existence of his two children (one born this year [2012]), despite mentioning them in his routine.”

According to the article, he said: “I am not answering questions about any of that.”

The Sun reports, however, that fellow comedian Ed Byrne was best man at Ó Briain’s wedding.

The comedian and presenter told the Shropshire Star that his wedding ring was his most treasured possession, though not for the romantic reason you may expect.

He said: “It’s actually two rings and it spins because it’s got ball bearings in it.

“I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this tiny toy to play with.”

The Family Brain Games starts tonight at 8pm on BBC2

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