Donald Trump's L.A. Fundraiser Guests Disgusted by Food in Bathroom

Donald Trump‘s Beverly Hills fundraiser guests — at least some of them — say they are totally grossed out by the fact appetizers from the function were left sitting out by a toilet.

TMZ broke the story …. hors d’oeuvres from Trump’s campaign fundraiser at The Montage this week ended up in a small bathroom, stashed between the john and a bathtub. Yuck!!!

Guests who attended the fundraiser tell TMZ … it’s disgusting the swanky hotel would store food in a bathroom, especially considering the fact some of those in attendance plunked down six figures to dine with the President.

What’s not clear … what was food doing in the bathroom? You see some appetizer trays that appear to have already been passed around, so the leftovers could have simply been stored in the bathroom. But check out the food warmer. You see the light on, which means the oven is on, and you see trays of untouched empanadas and other hors d’oeuvres. We have repeatedly called the hotel for days, trying to find out if this was the staging area. So far, no response.

The guests say they would’ve never expected this kind of behavior from the Montage, and they’re left wondering if hotel employees did this on purpose as a middle finger to Trump?!?

You don’t need to be a health inspector to know it’s dangerous to expose food to the bacteria present in bathrooms … but the guests tell us they are even more freaked out because it’s a dangerous time in the world with the spread of coronavirus!!!

But, laughter is the best medicine, and the guests are trying to laugh this off … jokingly telling us, this might explain why the appetizers during cocktail hour tasted like liberals. Sick burn!

This one’s actually funny though … one guest says the restroom meatballs still aren’t as nasty as this infamous image of one guest’s plate filled with meat and fish … now forever known as “meatfish.”

Anyone else just lose their appetite right now?!?

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