Don't Doubt Mulatto's False Lashes Knowledge on This Episode of 'Expensive Taste Test'

Just because we’re all still at home doesn’t mean that our beloved video series Expensive Taste Test can’t happen! For this episode, we sent rapper Mulatto all the cheap and not-so cheap version of different items to her home where she had to guess which one was the more expensive out of the two. It’s an entertaining one, y’all. We had her eating cheese puffs, drinking water (yep!), and analyzing feather boas and false lashes. How many will she get right though?? 👀

But before celebs actually dive in and take on our bougie challenge, a lot of them state that they’ve got it in the bag. And Mulatto was one of them! Though even she was surprised by how, er, not trustworthy her instincts were. For the first product, she was all good! She tried on those feather boas and almost immediately knew which one was costlier. But when she got hit with the cheese puffs, she fell through.

She did have a lot more success though when it came to the silk robes and falsies, but will she show up on our scoreboard?! Find out by watching the rest of the video! Also don’t forget to stream her album Queen of Da Souf out now.

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