Don’t Expect Barack Obama to Join President-Elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet

Former president Barack Obama was a powerful voice of support for his former vice president and now president-elect, Joe Biden, throughout the grueling election cycle. Their longstanding friendship and history as political colleagues, however, doesn’t mean that you should expect Obama to return to the White House on an official basis anytime soon.

In a new interview with Gayle King on CBS Sunday Morning, President Obama revealed that even if he did have a desire to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as part of Biden’s executive cabinet, his wife and former First Lady, Michelle Obama, would never allow it.

“I will help him in any ways that I can. But now, you know, I’m not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something,” said Obama during the conversation. “There are probably some things I would not be doing, ’cause Michelle would leave me. She’d be like, ‘What? You’re doin’ what?'”

The former president continued, explaining that his aggressive campaigning for Biden near the end of the race wasn’t an ideal situation for him, but he did so realizing how high the stakes were for the future of the country should President Donald Trump stay at the helm.

“It is not my preference to be out there. I think we were in a circumstance in this election in which certain norms, certain institutional values that are so extraordinarily important, had been breached—that it was important for me, as somebody who had served in that office, to simply let people know this is not normal,” declared Obama.

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