Harper Beckham follows Victoria’s footsteps in fashion design

Harper Beckham is just 6-years-old, yet she is already a pro at things us lot in our 30s can’t  even do. Speaking French, for example, or hair styling or painting stuff that’s so good, it deserves to be hung up in a museum! But now she has turned her hand to something that runs in the family…fashion designing.

Yup, Harper has debuted her very first fashion collection…for her dolly!

It all began when Victoria Beckham and Harper were enjoying a girlie day together at super-cool dolly shop American Girl. Clearly not happy with her baby’s locks, Harder decided to take her dolly to the hair salon.

While there, she waited patiently while Baby’s hair was styled by a professional before turning a hand to designing her some clothes.

And, it’s pretty cool. We’d wear this t-shirt if it was like 10 times bigger, to be fair.

She even got her own label printed in it too..

How cool is that! When we were kids, we’d be lucky if Barbie got a new dress made from a Wotsits crisp bag!

Harper and her dolly (who we think is called Luciana) also enjoy pedicures together too. And took Daddy, David along for the ride…

Even Luciana joined the Beckham’s for dinner. And Brooklyn clearly thinks she is cool as he was later seen cuddling Baby while the family were out for dinner. Obvs she’d got changed into evening attire!

Harper, Victoria, David and the boys have been having the best time over the past few weeks living the high-life over in the US.

They’ve enjoyed trips on Marc Anthony‘s yacht, hung out with basket ball legend Shaquille O’Neal, baked cakes together and just had a lovely time as a family.

Birthday eve with my babies x love u so much @davidbeckham kisses x

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It’s thought they will be travelling back in the next few days so the kids will be ready to go back to school.





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