Holidaymakers reveal what they’ve overheard in hotels and it is awkward

Holidays are all about rest and relaxation, and there’s something indulgent about settling into a large, comfortable hotel bed at the end of the night and getting some beauty sleep.

Except when it turns out that the people next door are pretty noisy – and those hotel room walls can be quite thin.

Of course it’s frustrating if you’re trying to get some shut eye, but sometimes it can also make for some downright awkward scenarios.

A new study from HotelScan has revealed the most common things overheard by Brits in hotel rooms, and they range from the hilarious to the cringe-inducing.

Topping the list? Hearing your next door neighbours having sex. In fact, 43% of those polled revealed they had heard other guests having a romp. Mega awkward.

Next on the list were staff members’ conversations, but we’re not talking general chit chat. In fact 1 in 10 participants revealed they’d overheard staff having a juicy gossip, usually about other guests staying in the hotel.

Arguments were third on the list of awkward overhearing.

Being witness to any argument always makes for an uncomfortable experience, but there’s something extra cringe-worthy when those involved think they’re having a private row in their room, not realising everyone else can hear what’s happening.

Fourth place went to hearing other guests talk, which can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to sleep but they’ve decided to have a midnight catch-up that continues through to the early hours of the morning.

Finally, the fifth most common overheard sound? Other guests using the bathroom. We won’t expand on that one.

However, even when the noise is proving disruptive, Brits are keeping quiet. 42% admitted that they never complained about what they were hearing, even when it was something they actually really wanted to flag up.

In fact, only a quarter of Birts have made a complaint relating to noise levels in a hotel they’ve stayed in.

Hilariously, some of those surveyed admitted they didn’t make the complaint purely because they wanted to continue eavesdropping.

So naturally, they were asked to share what made the conversation so intriguing – and the examples have us chuckling:

  • "Stash the sauce in your pants!"
  • "Why can’t you carry the beans for a while?"
  • "Put the cat in the closet."
  • "The person in room 201 has defecated on their bed."
  • "I think Kanye is actually Jesus."

A spokesperson for HotelScan said: "Noise from other guests or hotel staff can be really annoying if you’re trying to sleep, but during the day it can be quite interesting to hear what’s going on.

"Everyone is a little nosey deep down and hotels are the best place to get insight into strangers’ lives. It is a bit disconcerting that a number of Britons have heard hotel staff gossip about other guests though."

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