James ’Arg’ Argent warned: ‘Gemma Collins is bad for your health!’

James ‘Arg’ Argent recently vowed to 
‘make changes’ when 
he took his kit off for ITV’s The Real Full Monty.

But, when he was spotted enjoying some downtime in Spain, 
fans of the star couldn’t help 
but express their concern.

‘Oh dear, Arg, get some of that weight off it’s dangerous,’ one fan wrote. While another said, ‘The fluctuating weight is so dangerous for him, was less than a year ago he’d lost it, now he’s gained it and then some. Needs to find the healthy balance.’


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There’s no denying that 
Arg’s frame drastically slimmed down when he checked into rehab in Thailand last year 
to ‘battle his demons’.

But, fans have now blamed new girlfriend Gemma Collins for his weight gain. ‘Back to 
his old self again. He done 
really well to lose all that weight he looked a lot happier and healthier. Spending too much time with Gemma,’ one of 
them commented.

‘When Arg and Gemma 
are back together Arg seems to put on so much weight,’ another said, while a third added, ‘Every time 
he gets with Gemma he piles the weight on. Sometimes 
we can be 
with people who aren’t necessarily good for us.’

It’s no surprise that fans have been quick to blame Gemma, 37, for Arg’s fuller body, as the 30-year-old recently admitted that she feeds him at least six eggs and a chunk of smoked salmon for breakfast.

Even Arg’s close pal Tommy Mallett has voiced concern over the couple’s diets, ‘I’d rather he just focused on himself than 
get into a relationship,’ he previously said. ‘Especially with Gemma because all they do together is eat!’

It’s clear that the TOWIE lad is not happy with his body at the moment, and he admitted he was ‘gutted’ about his shape ahead of The Real Full Monty. ‘I’m gutted because I was in great shape over the summer and then I started putting on weight at Christmas,’ he confessed.

And, with the pair reuniting over Christmas in the TOWIE festive special, it’s unsurprising people are beginning to point the finger at Gem.

But, despite his body woes, Gemma has always supported Arg through thick and thin – he even credited her for helping motivate him to strip.

Since baby plans and a Spanish love nest are on the cards, we don’t think these two will be parting ways anytime soon.

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