Johnny Depp’s Assistant Reveals the Moment He Asked for Amber Heard Divorce

Johnny Depp‘s former assistant Kevin Murphy, who worked for him for 8 years before leaving the job in 2016, revealed the moment he asked Amber Heard for a divorce.

It all started with a “prank” where a ‘large pile of feces” was found in Johnny and Amber‘s bed after her 30th birthday. A few days later, the trio got on a conference call to discuss what had happened.

“I then relayed to Ms Heard, again, that (housekeeper Hilda) Vargas had discovered feces on top of the bed sheet in Mr Depp’s and Ms Heard’s bed. I also repeated that Ms Heard had admitted that she was responsible for what she referred to as a ‘harmless prank’. Ms Heard yelled and called me ‘a f***ing liar” multiple times,” Kevin said (via Daily Mail). “I asked her to stop yelling and swearing at me and overheard Mr Depp in the background saying ‘please don’t speak to him that way. Be respectful’. I then heard Mr Depp say he couldn’t do this anymore and wanted a divorce.”

Kevin continued, “When Ms Heard would not stop yelling, I hung up the telephone. I received multiple additional telephone calls from the same number in the minutes that followed, but I did not answer them.”

All this was brought out during Johnny Depp‘s lawsuit against a UK tabloid after they called him a “wife beater.” Testimony continues today.

Earlier this week in court, Amber‘s diary entry during an alleged fight with Johnny was made public.

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