What is Justin Bieber Doing in Women’s Bathroom in Taco Bell?

Justin Bieber seems to be in an urinary urgency. The “Sorry” hitmaker was photographed making a bathroom pit stop at Taco Bell on Thursday, April 19. However, probably because it was too urgent, The Biebz didn’t seem to notice that it was, in fact, a women’s bathroom he was entering.

The 24-year-old singer was snapped sneaking out from a restroom, which was clearly marked as a women bathroom. Justin, who donned an oversized black sweatshirt, a cap and green baggy pants, didn’t look particularly happy while exiting the restroom. Maybe he was upset because the men’s bathroom was occupied so that he had to use women’s bathroom.

However, the seemingly upsetting moment didn’t last long. The “Despacito” hitmaker was later photographed all smiles as he walked into his blue lamborghini while carrying some paper bags full of food from the fast food in Studio City, California. It was probably his happiest look people have seen lately, but then again, anyone would make that face if they got Taco Bell in their hands.

Justin is currently on a break from reunited girlfriend Selena Gomez. While his own love relationship didn’t go well, Justin apparently gave his friend and fellow singer Niall Horan an incredible advice regarding the latter’s alleged romance with Hailee Steinfeld.

“Justin and Niall are closer than many people know,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com. “But it wasn’t until Justin popped up and surprised Niall at a show he had at an intimate Los Angeles music venue last September that their conversations began to really become more personal.”

“Justin and Niall enjoyed a cozy dinner, and it was then that Niall broke the news to Justin that he and Hailee were talking more and more and were getting really close. Justin’s advice to Niall came directly from the heart, and after telling Niall that he was super happy for him and Hailee, Justin told Niall to always trust his heart and treat Hailee as if he wanted to build a future with her,” the source continues. “That way, there would never be any regrets if things didn’t work out.”

“Justin wishes the best for his buddy and Hailee,” reveals the source, noting that “Justin has become much more of a realist in recent months when it comes to his relationships.”

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