Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s house compared to ’mortuary’

Kanye West has recently been accused of being in ‘The Sunken Place’ by fans.

For those who haven’t seen the comedy-horror movie Get Out, SPOILER ALERT, it’s a reference to a place where white people trap black people to ensure they act “more white” on the outside.

The hall is extremely bare with a row of concrete arches and walls, and just a single bench at the end of the corridor.


And the rapper’s followers have gone wild with comparisons, insisting it really does look like the sunken place – or maybe even a monastery.

One said: ‘Looks like a depressed person with too much money and too little taste designed a fortress of solitude.’

Another replied to him: ‘In that it looks like a mortuary, well yeah,’ while someone else likened it to a monastery.

A fourth added: ‘Looks more like that hallway Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion and the Tin Man had to walk down to see the Wizard.’

— jeaux (@JoexReyes) April 25, 2018

Someone else said: ‘Mane that look like where they take you and ritualistically cleanse you before you are offered up as sacrifice.’

Others photoshopped the twins from The Shining at the end of the corridor, while another confirmed it was the sunken place, as they put Kanye West floating on a chair around the corridor (another reference to Get Out).

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Some fans were extremely critical of the decor, saying: ‘Looks hollow, cold and empty. Like the space between your ears. Card revoked You know the one.’

Another agreed: ‘If you dropped a fork in there the whole house would echo.. damn. Where’s the furniture?’

A final fan noted the flaws with having such a huge house, saying: ‘Gotta run 3 miles INSIDE the house just to get water when u wake up from a night of drinking.’

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