Kanye West Proves He’s Focused On Music Amidst Tweeting Spree: Inside His Intense Studio Session

All that tweeting isn’t taking Kanye West’s time away from working on his new music. With just weeks to go until his album release, ‘Ye agreed to share some footage from a studio session. Watch here!

After Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to slam reports that Kanye West has been displaying “erratic” behavior through his recent tweets, he took things a step further to prove that all is well. The rapper has been logging countless hours in the studio, and he invited TMZ to join him for a listening session on April 24 — just hours after he went on another shocking Twitter spree. During the two hour session, Kanye reportedly cooked up new ideas for the release of five upcoming albums: Pusha T’s on May 25, his own solo record on June 1, his collab with Kid Cudi (Kids See Ghost) on June 8, and then Nas’ and Teyana Taylor’s. ‘Ye produced the beats on all the records, he told TMZ.

Kanye also shared ten tracks from the above-mentioned albums, which TMZ described as “awesome. He even indulged in a freestyle rap, which he allowed the site to share (you can watch below). After spending intimate time with Kanye, TMZ concluded that “the people claiming he’s erratic or in the middle of a meltdown are off base.” Clearly, the rapper has a very specific vision in mind, and is bringing that vision to light in the studio. As Kim pointed out, ‘Ye is a “free thinker,” who is simply using Twitter as a platform to express himself.

During his latest Twitter spree, Kanye voiced his support for Donald Trump, although, at Kim’s urging, he made sure to point out that he doesn’t agree with everything the president says and does. However, he further proved his allegiance to Trump by continuing to rock his Make America Great Again hat at the studio.

Kim made a point to slam reports that Kanye is suffering from any mental health issues, and expressed her rage at the public for making assumptions about his mental state based on the tweets. “Kanye will never run in the race of popular opinion and we know that,” she concluded. “And that’s why I love him and respect him and in a few years when someone else says the same exact thing but they aren’t labeled the way he is and you will all praise them!”

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