Katie Price in ‘insane pain and worried her ears could fall off’ after surgery

Katie Price is said to be in horrible pain after her most recent facelift.

The star was recently in Turkey for a fresh round of surgeries, including a renewed facelift in which surgeons made an incision by the ears.

The procedure is meant to make the skin of the face taut and give a more youthful appearance.

A source told The Sun : "Poor Katie has been left in an insane amount of pain as the painkillers wear off.

"The work she had done was some intense surgery and she's been worrying that her ears might drop off."

The source added: "That won't happen of course, but the agony coupled with sleepless nights have left her freaking out."

Katie, known to be a surgery addict, jetted off to Turkey earlier this month with boyfriend Kris Boyson. She received an eye lift, had her bum lift reversed and reduced her breasts to a D cup, as well as a facelift.

Her boob job was the 11th she'd had in 20 years.

Kris, Katie's fiancé, received a nose job half price.

Katie's family have been open with her about their concerns around her addiction to cosmetic surgery. Her mum is especially worried.

A source told The Sun: "Katie's family are all desperately worried because she won't be told no, and she won't stop with the surgery.

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