Kody Brown: I Can’t Satisfy All My Sister Wives!

According to a recent report, Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown may be seeking a fifth wife.

This comes as a rather huge surprise, however, and also seems like a rather terrible idea.


Because, according to Kody Brown himself, he can barely keep even one of his four wives satisfied.

The veteran reality star was on Twitter for almost the entirety of this past Sunday’s Sister Wives episode, commenting on various scenes and disagreements.

The main issue of this particular installment was how Kody wanted to move the whole family under one roof in Flagstaff and how no one else was really on the same page with Kody at the time.

They REALLY don’t want to all live together.

Throughout his live-Tweeting, Kody touched on a number of different topics, at one point even saying he would be open to having yet another child.

We’ll save our reaction to that stunning admission for another day and/or article and instead hone in here on something else Kody confessed during his semi-rant and partial rave on Sunday evening.

Especially this:

The Sister Wives cast member came right out and said he can’t keep all four wives content.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Consider what Kody wrote:

I don’t gripe all the time. I’m just struggling with my attempt to make more than one woman happy.

One would think a couple things in response to this statement:

It certainly seems like this is a romantic arrangement that benefits the husband and nobody else.

Kody’s Tweet came after he also noted that he has trouble feeling like he’s present when he goes to any of his wives’ separate houses.

Which, again, makes perfect sense — and is why polygamy at its core is extremely sexist. But we digress a little bit.

While live-Tweeting the January 12 episode of Sister Wives, he wrote about a scene in it as follows:

“This rant is due to many [wives]’ complaints about my lack of connection from house to house … I guess I just struggle to be centered and present when I get home.”

On the show itself, Kody’s third wife, Christine, sounded like she was also struggling with feeling happy as well.

“We have to recreate this magic again. Living far apart’s really difficult,” she said.

This is partly why Kody wants to bring everyone together in the same mansion.

“When I’m going from house to house, it lets me wash off the energy of the last wife,” Kody said of the family’s living situation in Las Vegas, adding:

“I used to run through this cul-de-sac and go into a house just frazzled. I just carried everything from house to house to house. All the emotional baggage would follow me to every single house.”

We understand this from Kody’s point of view.

We get how it would make his life easier.

But all four Sister Wives are against it.

All four fear they’d lose all privacy under such an arrangement.

And, while this may sound like a crazy idea to Kody Brown, perhaps he should take their feelings under consideration.

For once in his life.

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