Kris Jenner Falls Over & Hurts Her Wrist After Kim Kardashian Throws Baseball At Her ‘Head’ In ‘KUWTK’ Clip – Watch

Softball and the Kardashians are two things that weren’t meant to be. Kim nearly took out her mom by throwing a ball at her head, causing Kris to fall and hurt her wrist.

It appears the athleticism among the Kardashians begins and ends with grueling gym sessions. They sure don’t understand softball, as evidenced by a new clip for Oct. 14 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris Jenner, 62, and daughters Kim, 37, and Khloe, 34, show up at a baseball field and hilarity ensues. Koko actually knew the basics like where the pitcher’s mound and home plate were, as Kim wandered about clueless to the elements of a baseball field. Kim also didn’t come prepared for rounding the bases either, announcing “I’m not wearing a bra so I can’t run very fast.”

Thankfully Khloe was able to at least set up Kim in the batter’s box and Kris on the pitching mound before wisely getting out of their way. Kris lobbed balls at her daughter but none of them came anywhere close to a strike zone. One even hit Kim in the leg! Finally she was able to reach out and connect with a pitch when Kris moved closer to home plate. When Kim finally got a hit, Kris got the ball and chased after her since she didn’t have a first baseman to throw to. Even then things went wrong as she loudly announced “I peed myself” from trying too run fast.

Then it was Kim’s turn to pitch to batter Kris and things took a turn for the worse. The cosmetics mogul lobbed the big lime green ball at her mom and Kris had to dive to the ground to keep from getting hit in the head.  Initially she was laughing but then clutched her left wrist, claiming to he hurt. “This is definitely underwhelming. There is not a lot of skill here,” Kim admits in a confessional while Khloe asked “Were you aiming for mom’s head?” Even though it sure looked that way, Kim appeared aghast, telling her “No!” What’s crazy is that this isn’t the ladies’ first time playing softball. In March they were coached in the sport by Yankees legend and family friend Alex Rodriguez, 44. It looks like those lessons were easily forgotten.

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