Lamar Davenport Convicted Of Manslaughter After Stabbing Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter 25 Times

Morgan Freeman allegedly had a sexual relationship with his step-granddaughter before she was killed.

When Lamar Davenport killed his girlfriend — and Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter — E’Dena Hines, he did it in front of several eyewitnesses.

Despite this, however, he was just found not guilty of her murder.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Davenport, who claimed that Morgan Freeman was having a sexual relationship with his step-grand-daughter, a claim which Freeman denies, stabbed Hines 25 times in front of eyewitnesses, however, he was ultimately found guilty of manslaughter.

His defense attorney argued that, while there is no question that Davenport killed Hines, he did so while he was in an altered state brought on by PCP psychosis.

There was a witness to Davenport’s attack who testified, at the trial, that Davenport screamed “I loved you, I’ve always loved you, God would have wanted this,” as he stabbed Hines to death.

Davenport was later brought to the hospital and sedated. When he awoke from his drug-induced coma, and was told about Hines’ murder, he allegedly screamed, “No! No! Why, God? Who would do this?”

Davenport, who allegedly made money as a rapper, was living with Hines in a $780,000 apartment that was fully paid for by Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman, who did not attend the trial, chose instead to make a statement in writing to the court.

He dodged a murder conviction after stabbing her 25 times

— BET (@BET) May 7, 2018

The actor claimed that he never had a sexual relationship with E’Dena. Rather, he was responsible for much of her upbringing; she is the granddaughter of his first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, and he adopted E’Dena’s mother, Deena, when he married Jeannette.

Freeman has repeatedly denied having a sexual relationship with Hines, especially when the rumors first started emerging about their alleged relationship in 2005.

Man who killed Morgan Freeman’s grandaughter found not guilty of murder.

— LADbible (@ladbible) May 7, 2018

Davenport testified that Hines once texted him to confess that she had “grandpa feelings,” though it was unclear whether those feelings were paternal or sexual.

Now that he’s been convicted, Davenport faces up to 25 years in prison upon his sentencing.

E’Dena Hines, who was an actress, was also studying at New York University’s Graduate Acting Program. New York University said that they would be releasing a scholarship in her honor.

Morgan Freeman has not commented about Davenport’s conviction as of this writing.

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